Standard Palletizing Cell

The robot can palletize at the following rates:
• Up to 28 boxes per minute
• Up to 22 bags per minute
• Up to 24 pails per minute

For more details and technical specifications, please down load the detailed brochure in PDF format.

Standard Palletizing Cell.PDF

Standard cell advantages
• Product and pattern flexibility
• Fast change-over time
• Short delivery time
• Fast and easy installation
• High uptime and capacity
• Extremely easy operation
• Low maintenance
• Lowest hourly cost
• Lowest cost per layer at every capacity interval
• Extremely short payoff time
ABB/CIM SYSTEMS experience and service organization

The CIM Flexpalletizer™ standard cell is ideal for palletizing boxes, bags, pails, trays, bottles, and more. This robotic palletizing system can also handle slip-sheets, skee-sheets, and pallets. Its small footprint allows it to be effective in nearly any size facility.

The Flexpalletizer™ includes an ABB IRB 660 dedicated palletizing robot, which combines superior speed and reach with high payload capacity. The CIM Flexpalletizer™ standard cell can achieve throughput rates that approach those of hard-automated palletizers, with the advantage of robotic flexibility.

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