Best in Class Palletizing Robot.

ABB IRB 660 advantages
• 3.15M reach
• 180 kg or 250 kg payload
IP67 protection
Integrated tooling connections
• Short delivery time
• High uptime and capacity
• Extremely easy operation
• Low maintenance
• Low hourly cost
• Extremely short payoff time
ABB/CIM SYSTEMS experience and service

Technical Specifications

Robot version Payload Reach
660-180/3.15 180 kg 3.15M
660-250/3.15 250 kg 3.15M
Number of axes: 4
Protection class: IP67
Mounting: Floor mounted

Maximum Velocity:
Axis -     180 kg   250 kg
Axis 1-   130°/s   95°/s
Axis 2-   130°/s   95°/s
Axis 3-   130°/s   95°/s
Axis 4-   300°/s   240°/s

Position repeatability: 0.05 mm
Path repeatability: 0.25 mm
Axis movements Working range

The ABB IRB 660 industrial palletizing robot is the centerpiece of the Flexpalletizer™ system. The IRB 660 combines superior speed and reach with high payload capacity making it ideal for palletizing boxes, bags, pails, trays, bottles, and more.

The IRB 660 robot is available in a high-speed 180 kg payload version and a high-payload 250 kg version. It has integrated power, signals, field bus, and air routed to the wrist. The IRB 660’s IP67 protection rating makes it robust in even the harshest environments.

Robot Base 1136 x 850 mm
Weight 1,650 kg

Ambient temperature 0°C to +50°C
Relative humidity Max 95%
Noise level Max 73 dB (A)

Double circuits with supervision, emergency stops and safety functions, three-position enabling device.

      Axis 1 (rotation)
Axis 2 (arm)
Axis 3 (arm)
Axis 4 (wrist)
  +180° to -180°
  +85° to -42°
+120° to -20°
+300° to -300°

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