Pail (Plastic & Metal) Palletizing Tooling

Industrial Vacuum Pail Grippers


• Single Gripper

• Dual Gripper
• Triple Gripper

• Quad Gripper


For more details and technical specifications pertaining to the pail palletizing end effector, please down load the detailed brochure in PDF format.

Pail Tooling.PDF

CIM pail tooling advantages
• Solid grip allows high acceleration
• Small volume for fast grip and release
• Allows wide product range and pattern   flexibility
• Self levels product
• Minimal maintenance required
• Quick pad replacement
• Blow off capability (self cleaning)
• Dedicated valve and vacuum generator for   each pail gripper
Vacuum (part present) switch for each pad   gripper
• High uptime and reliability
• Does not contain silicone products

The CIM Flexpalletizer™ pail grippers are ideal for palletizing a variety of metal or plastic pail and can sizes and shapes. The tooling incorporates one to four pad-style grippers with vacuum generators and blow-off capability. Enclosed tooling-mounted DeviceNet valves and input modules reduce reaction time while maintaining a small footprint.

The pail gripper incorporates a powerful vacuum generator and flexible suction plate to create a solid grip. The gripper can handle empty or full pails (up to 90 pounds each).

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