Bag Gripper Palletizing Tooling


For more details and technical specifications on the Flexpalletizer bag palletizing gripper, please down load the detailed brochure in PDF format.

Bag Gripper Tooling.PDF

CIM bag gripper advantages
• Bag is mechanically cradled to minimize   damage
• Solid grip allows high acceleration
• Low profile design
• Single bag handling allows for a wide product   range and pattern flexibility
• Can be programmed to keep labels or   barcodes outward
• Fast change-over time
• Minimal maintenance required
• Replicable fingers
• Operates on plant air
Slip-sheet handling option

The CIM Flexpalletizer™ bag grippers are designed for palletizing a variety of bag sizes. The grippers handle paper, polyethylene, woven polypropylene, burlap, and other bag types. CIM has several bag gripper models to handle from five pound to one-hundred pound bags.

The gripper stroke is adjustable for bag width to keep the actuation time to a minimum. A containment slide keeps the bag centered while the grippers open. Sensors detect the slide and gripper position for fail-safe operation.


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